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Consulting Services

Our fully insured and self-funding underwriting and negotiating experience allows Integrity Services & Solutions to understand and forecast your benefit costs. Services include:
-Review of plan design and options
-Analyzing network usage and discounts
-Analyzing and negotiating pharmacy discounts
-Providing reserve calculations and lag studies
-Demographic analysis and impact on plan options
-Comparisons to benchmark data Impact of contribution strategies
-Impact of regulatory changes
-Scheduled quarterly meetings. We never allow you to be surprised at your renewal

Our commitment to every client is their understanding and compliance of state and federal legislation and regulations relating to benefits. Services include:
-Initial and annual compliance review, advise and support
-Assistance with Form 5500 filing
-Assistance with Plan Documents and Summary
-Plan Descriptions Communications and notices
-Document templates
-Ongoing monitoring and guidance of state and federal legislation
-Legal questions referred and answered by employee benefits

Integrity Services & Solutions will work with your current vendors to develop no-cost wellness initiatives. Services include
-Bio-metric Screenings
-Health Risk Assessments
-Health Coaching
-High Risk Outreach EAP Programs
-Online Resources Disease Management Services
-Coordinating and tracking incentives
-Facilitating a wellness committee