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Dominick Dreisbach, (a/k/a Supernick) born 10/19/95 from Jonestown, PA, attends Northern Lebanon High School. Nick is a third generation motocrosser and rode his first motorcycle (with training wheels) when he was three. His father, Drew Dreisbach, bought the motorcyle for Nick and his sister, Shayna, before they were even born! Nick started racing motorcycles when he was five and has raced continuously ever since. Recently Nick competed in the Northeast Regional Championship. Currently he races a Yamaha YZ 125 and usually races in the Schoolboy 1 and 250B classes.

When he isn't racing, Nick enjoys running cross country, is a member of chorus and broadcast journalism at his school. He played baseball (until age 11) and ice hockey (until age 13) and is a honor roll student. Nick attends Palmyra Brethren in Christ Church and is committed to his faith and service to others. He has attended Motocross for Christ camps and plans to volunteer with them as an instructor in the future. He is not afraid to try new, interesting things and is very comfortable with himself and has a great sense of humor.

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